"In India, when we meet and part,
we say "Namasté", which means:
I know the place in you
where the entire universe resides.
I know the place in you
of love, of truth, of peace.
I know the place in you, where,
if you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me,
There is only one of us."


Once I had a dream in which I was to receive a diploma as a spiritual teacher or guide of some sort. There were two of us being presented with such a certificate at the time. The other was a man - Swamibabagururishiroshirabbisoandso. He wore long colorful robes and had a fist full of degrees and papers. To receive his diploma he only had to step forward and present himself with his long titles, flowing robes, and abundant credentials. But before me there stood an enormous mountain of laundry. To receive my diploma I would first have to climb over this huge heap of laundry.

- Polly Berrien Berends - Whole Child/Whole Parent -

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